What is PlungePerfect?

The number one question we get is "How does PlungePerfect work?"

    • How does PlungePerfect work? PlungePerfect solves two issues for you: your plunger problem and the “Drip of Shame” problem. The fact is, clearing a clog is always a pain! But, at least now, you can do it without the “Drip of Shame!” When your toilet clogs, forget your plunger! Simply grab your PlungePerfect wand from its decorative stand, put on one of our biodegradable sleeves (hanging in the bag from a hook on the stand), insert the flexible end into the drain hole at the bottom of the bowl, and shove it back and forth until the clog clears. Then, as you remove the wand, let the biodegradable sleeve slide off into the toilet bowl where you can flush it down the drain. Return your clean, dry wand to its canister, ready for the next time you need it.

General Questions:

  • Do you have customer service? Yes. Please use our web contact form for teh immediate future. We will be providing full after-the-sale service when we begin retail sales. We will answer all inquiries or concerns as quickly as possible.
  • What is your return policy? Defects in material or workmanship will be resolved/replaced at no additional cost to you.
  • Do you ship overseas? Not at this time, but that capability is planned for the future. Note: when we do offer international shipping, those shipping costs may be higher than US-based addresses. You pay any additional shipping costs.
  • Can you ship to P.O. Boxes? We are currently working with our shippers to make it as simple as possible to receive your PlungePerfect package but we cannot yet confirm that shipping to PO Boxes will be available in all cases. Stay tuned...


  • I'm worried about the environmental impact of flushing the sleeve down the drain. What is it made of? We really appreciate your concern for the environment. We feel the same way! Good news! There's no need to worry. Our sleeves are made of a biodegradable materialThe manufacturer of this material performed official testing on the material using RespirTek, Inc., an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certified environmental laboratory, in accordance with OECD 301B and ASTM D5988. View the "Certificates of Biodegradability" (certificate numbers: 2020028 and 2020029) in our image gallery.
  • How long does a sleeve last in the water before it breaks down? A new sleeve should last a minimum of 30 seconds before it starts to break down and lose integrity. If you’re dealing with an exceptionally difficult clog and you think you’ll need additional time to clear it, we recommend dropping the used sleeve in the bowl and putting a fresh one on the wand. Normal clogs should resolve within the first ten seconds or so. (Note: warmer toilet water may also affect the integrity of the sleeve more rapidly.)
  • Can anything else affect the sleeves? Yes! Humidity can cause sleeves to deteriorate over time. However, each pack of sleeves comes in a ziplock-style bag to help minimize the effect of humidity on the sleeves. In addition, lack of humidity (i.e. dry heat) can cause the sleeves to become dry and brittle over time. We recommend replacing your package of sleeves annually to ensure you never have to deal with the “Drip of Shame” from a compromised sleeve. There's a place on the bag to note the date you received your sleeves so you'll know when to order a replacement pack.
  • Will these sleeves hurt my septic tank? No, it will not hurt your septic tank. These sleeves are purposely biodegradable and are not made with flushable paper or other materials that may clog up your system.
  • Can I just let the sleeve dissolve in the bowl without flushing it? That is not recommended. However, if you need a few minutes before you can flush, you should make sure the material is not laying against any parts of the bowl above the water line. As the material dissolves, it could leave a dry, sticky residue from lack of water and cause you to have to clean that residue off your porcelain. Since our ultimate goal is to keep you out of your toilet bowl and away from the contaminated water as much as possible, we recommend you flush the sleeve immediately and let the water in your sewer/septic system take care of dissolving it completely.
  • How can I get more sleeves? You will be able to order replacement packs through this website and, ultimately, we plan to have them available in retailers nationwide.
  • How many sleeves come in a pack? Each refill package comes with five (5) sleeves in a protective ziplock-style bag to protect against humidity. You will have the option of ordering multiple packs.
  • How big is one sleeve? Each sleeve is 26” long and 2.75” wide (flat). This provides enough length for you to hold on to the sleeve while gripping the wand and clearing your clog. The diameter of the sleeve when opened is approximately 1.75”.


  • Is the wand one piece? No. The wand is composed of two pieces: a rigid plastic handle and a flexible plastic (TPE) cylinder. However, the pieces are permanently manufactured together and do not come apart.
  • How long is the wand? The flexible portion is 15” long and the rigid plastic handle is 14.25” long for a total length of 29.25” with a maximum diameter just under 1”
  • Is the entire wand flexible? No. Only the bottom half of the wand is flexible. The handle portion is rigid and firm.
  • Will the color of the wand match the color of the stand? Yes. They are color-coordinated. The stand does have a small black ring at the top to provide some contrast.
  • Can the wand be used on other drain types, like a sink? Technically, yes, it can. It is small enough in diameter that it will fit in any standard drain pipe. However, most sink drains have stoppers that would prevent this wand from being inserted into the drain pipe without extra effort.
  • Can the wand be used without the biodegradable sleeve? Yes, but it is immeasurably better when you use the sleeve because the most despised part of dealing with a clogged toilet is the “Drip of Shame.” Avoid the "Drip of Shame" at all costs! Use the biodegradable sleeve!
  • Will toilet water affect the wand, if it does get wet? No. The wand is designed to withstand water and other basic contaminants found in a general toilet clog but, again, the greatest value of PlungePerfect is helping you avoid the “Drip of Shame.” In the event your wand becomes wet or contaminated, simply wipe it down or let it dry naturally. You can even use a disinfecting wipe to clean off any contaminants so it will be really clean the next time someone needs it.
  • Can I store the wand in the stand with a biodegradable sleeve already on the wand? Yes. The stand will help protect the sleeve from general contact with any splashed water. Also, the wand sits snugly in the stand so the sleeve will be held in place and won't fall off the wand. As you grasp the wand and remove it, one inch of the sleeve is visible above the stand and is grip-able by your hand as you hold the wand.


  • What colors can I order? PlungePerfect will be available in white.
  • Will you ever offer any other colors or materials? We are evaluating additional colors and materials for the future but will not be manufacturing any additional colors at this time.
  • What is the stand made of? The components of the stand are made with several types of plastic.
  • What is the size of the canister? The stand is 25" tall (in its base). The tube has a diameter of 1.5" and the domed base has a diameter of 6.5" (please note: all measurements are approximate).