So you have a new product idea and want to make it a reality?

So you have a new product idea and want to make it a reality?

When I tell people we’re working on bringing PlungePerfect to market, they often say they have a new product idea, too, but just don’t know where to start. That’s a perfectly legitimate response. In fact, I would say the idea of getting a project off the ground would have been highly improbable in years past. Today, however, things are different. With the advent of social media as an actual influencer of consumer buying habits, along with the successful development of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, GoFundMe (which is actually a platform directed to specific causes and personal needs rather than launching ideas or products), and others, the average person has a better than average chance of seeing their idea become a reality. That being said, there are still some very major hurdles to overcome.

First, and foremost, you’ll need other people to help you get where you want to go: patent attorneys to help you protect your intellectual property and contract attorneys to draw up confidentiality agreements and evaluate work-for-hire expectations; designers and artists to give you visual tools so other people can understand what you’re trying to make, including logos and 3-D models; manufacturers (for physical products) and programmers (for digital ideas); and personal support of family and friends. It doesn’t matter how great your idea is or, even, how much of the above you’ve already got in place. Going through this process is mentally and emotionally draining. You’ll want people you trust around you to encourage you and help carry you over the line when you’re exhausted and don’t know if you can make it the last few feet. Let me put this in perspective.

We started this journey with our new product idea several years ago by researching and writing the initial language for the provisional patent, finding the right patent attorney (which you absolutely have to have), and finding someone to draw the images that were in our heads so we could file the patents. Then, we had to come up with the right name and logos, find designers to create 3-D graphic images of our product, locate manufacturers who could make the pieces of our product and were excited to be a part of our journey. I say this last part because we actually ran into a couple companies that just didn’t seem very interested in helping us make this a reality. That was a surprising revelation. The fact is people are people and they’re not all going to be on the same page as you. That goes for close friends and family as well. You’ll have naysayers in your life pushing against you, usually verbally. That’s why you need others who will lift you up and share your passion. In any event, we are a couple years into this project and are very close to launching. The marketing video has been made, the website is up and running. The manufacturers are in place. The trademarks have been filed. The foundation for exposure is already available. In our case, we’re using Kickstarter and social media as our launch vehicle. After that, it will be time to take it to the retailers. One final thought: it’s who you know that gets you there! It’s what you know that keeps you there! Learn to network and meet people who might be able to help you over some of your hurdles. Don’t be afraid to ask for guidance in areas where you’re not the expert. Soon enough, you will be the expert and can help others over their hurdles when they come to you for advice.

In the end, it’s a long and arduous process but it’s also totally worth the effort, if for no other reason than it gives you something to work toward…a dream, so to speak. We all have dreams and we all want to win at making our dreams come true. Regardless of where you are in life, give it a try! Nothing in life is guaranteed, but you stand a better chance of succeeding if you’ll just take your first step.

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