Press Release – PlungePerfect

It has hit the fan…in the most Biodegradable way!

Phoenix Ariz. – Toss out that dirty plunger, Mama! There’s a new clean up in town. Ever had that nasty plunger experience with a clogged toilet full of gross fecal matter? Ever had that disgusting toilet water drip all over the floor where your kids crawl and walk? That’s called the “Drip of Shame!®”

Fear not! PlungePerfect has your back.

With its sleek style and form, this new plunger is more like a toilet snake, but without the “gross” and “nasty.” This makes it the cleanest way to clear a clogged toilet – no longer having to pump or plunge.

When the kiddos use way too much toilet paper, as they do, you can easily push that clog away! But that’s not even the best part of PlungePerfect! The best part is the biodegradable sleeve that slips on while you’re clearing the clog, and then gets flushed down the toilet when you’re done, leaving you with a clean, dry plunging wand. After the plunge, the wand is then stored in a discreet, color-coordinated stand for your later use. Genius!

Parents can feel safer at bath time knowing they’ve kept the germs away from little hands and feet!

NO MORE DRIPPY PLUNGER! No more “Drip of Shame!”

“The cleanest plunger you’ll ever use!”
“A must-have for environment-friendly families!”

One of the most exciting things about PlungePerfect is its supporters and their drive to add value to the global community. That’s why when you buy PlungePerfect, a portion of the purchase price goes to Sedron Technologies to help transform wet waste streams into clean water and electricity around the world.

PlungePerfect will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to help jump-start production. Join us! Change the way YOU take care of business – and help change the world. It only takes one click to get involved!

Launch date is September 10th. More details at this link:

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