A Better Way to Clear a Clogged Toilet

There’s one thing we can all agree on: NOBODY LIKES THE PLUNGER! Even worse, nobody likes dealing with the plunger after they’ve had to use it. We call that the “The Drip of Shame!®

Yeah, I know! It is gross!

So we developed a better way to clear a clogged toilet. It’s called PlungePerfect!®

In short, it’s a long, slender wand…but the bottom half of the wand is made of a flexible material. You simply push the clog past the curve. You see…the primary problem is “the big bowl to the little hole.” PlungePerfect helps you break apart the clog so water begins to drain, pulling the rest of the clog with it.

But that’s not even the best part…because you’re still dealing with “The Drip of Shame” after you clear the clog, right? This is the part people really hate…so we solved that problem, as well…by creating a sleeve that you slide onto the wand while you're using it. But, it’s not just any sleeve. It’s a biodegradable sleeve that can be safely flushed.

Let me say it again. We created a sleeve that is biodegradable! No more “Drip of Shame!”

Yeah, I know! It is amazing!

Now, when your toilet clogs, you simply grab your wand, slide it into a biodegradable sleeve, insert it into the bowl and shove it back and forth until the clog clears. Then, remove the wand and let the biodegradable sleeve slide off into the toilet bowl where you can flush it down the drain. It's a biodegradable poly-vinyl alcohol material. It’s not flushable paper so it even works with septic tanks. At this point, you can return your clean, dry wand to its decorative and discreet stand, ready for the next time you need it.

Let me give you a real-life example most of us have experienced. We’ve all had friends or family, including teenagers, in our homes. At some point, someone needed to use your restroom. It’s likely one of two things happened. Either someone pulled you aside to tell you the toilet was clogged and they needed you to fix it - or - you walked in to use the restroom yourself, after they left, only to discover the toilet was clogged and nobody told you about it. Either way, you’re still stuck dealing with the problem…including the hated “Drip of Shame!”

Yeah, I know! It is annoying!

PlungePerfect! can stop this unpleasant reality from ever occurring. In fact, our hope is you’ll never know there was an issue until you check to see how many sleeves you have and realize a couple of them are missing. Your guests and family members will be taking care of their own clogs privately and confidentially without involving you.

Oh, one more thing…PlungePerfect is made in America!

Can it get any simpler? Can it get any better?

PlungePerfect! Changing the way YOU take care of business!®


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