Press Release – PlungePerfect Gets Shout-out from Mike Lindell, Inventor & CEO of MyPillow


Nobody Likes the Plunger! Even worse, nobody likes dealing with the Plunger after they’ve had to use it!
That’s called the “Drip of Shame!


Phoenix, AZ, September 10, 2019: Patterson Products LLC, a consumer products development company, is announcing the development and launch of a truly revolutionary consumer product for the bathroom, called PlungePerfect, that completely removes the disgusting “Drip of Shame” and makes clearing a clogged toilet simpler and much more sanitary.

THE TOOL: PlungePerfect is a slender, cylindrical 30” wand with a bottom half that is flexible. It is inserted deep into the toilet bowl and will bend through the curve of the drain to physically break up clogs with minimal splashing and flooding. But that’s not even the best part, because you’re still dealing with that horribly unsanitary “Drip of Shame,” right? This is the gross part people really hate.

THE BEST PART: PlungePerfect eliminated the “Drip of Shame” by developing a water-soluble sleeve you slide onto the wand while you’re using it. Then, after you’ve cleared the clog, just let the sleeve slide off into the toilet bowl and flush it down the drain. Yes, you heard that correctly. The bio-degradable sleeve dissolves in water and can be safely flushed into any sewer or septic system. You can return your clean, dry wand to its matching, color-coordinated stand, ready for the next time you need it. NO MORE “DRIP OF SHAME!”


“I was absolutely blown away. It is one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen…and I’ve seen a lot!”
Mike Lindell, inventor and CEO of MyPillow


KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN: Beginning today, Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 12:00pm Noon (EST), this product will be available only through the PlungePerfect Kickstarter campaign. For early backers, there are significant discounts. Visit their website: for details on how to support their campaign and access the link to a limited-time, first-production-run of PlungePerfect, direct to your door.


About the Company: Patterson Products LLC was founded in 2016 by Roy and Darla Patterson for the purpose of developing new and unique products. Its mission statement is “Making Life Simpler…One Product at a Time.” The company currently holds one patent and four trademarks and is actively working toward a nationwide retail distribution agreement through their relationship with Mike Lindell, inventor of MyPillow and founder of More information on that is coming soon.

Patterson Products LLC , Buckeye, AZ
Contact: Roy C Patterson

Twitter, IG, FB: @PlungePerfect1

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