The Creators of PlungePerfect ~ Who We Are

Roy and Darla Patterson - Creators of PlungePerfectPatterson Products LLC was formed by Roy and Darla Patterson in 2016 as a way to bring better products to market for consumers – beginning with PlungePerfect – but the idea for PlungePerfect was originally conceived in 2004. As the saying goes, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention.”

Here’s the back story:

Roy and Darla were helping some good friends deep clean a home the friends had rented. At some point, someone tossed a handful of paper towels into the toilet and attempted to flush it…unsuccessfully. With no plunger available, Darla made a decision, in a moment of desperation, to reach into the bowl and push the clog with her hand. To her surprise, the clog disappeared down the drain and the toilet emptied almost immediately!

Her first thought was, “Holy crap! That actually worked!” Her second thought was, “Holy crap! Where’s the disinfectant?”

A couple days later, Darla told Roy about an idea she’d developed as a result of that clogged toilet experience. More than a decade later, they decided to turn this idea into an actual product and PlungePerfect was born.